Alien - The Pleasure of Leisure
Techno / Trance


The Pleasure of Leisure

Home grown Essex boy ALASTAIR JOHNSON borrowed a D.A.T machine and a couple of keyboards and has spent the past few years honing his talent, to produce a unique sound that can only be compared to the likesof the artists found at Warp Records such as APHEX TWIN and BLACK DOG. ALASTAIRS keen ear for a breakbeat has led to some of the scariest and twisted beats ever heard! but, his talent's do not stop there. As listeners of the forthcoming ALIEN album are soon to discover, Alastair is also more than capable of producing a memorable melody. Having rocked both the Fridge and the Forum in London, ALASTAIR is now brushing up on his live technique andhopes to have a workable live set around the release of the album 'Pleasure Of Leisure' ALIEN will also be recording a special one hour continuous mix for Sky Digital's Universe TV channel.


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Track Listing (30 Second Samples)

Everything I Never Said
2 Frankie The Prankster
3 Blind Summit
4 Time Timed
5 Slow Fader
6 Honeycreeper
7 The Pleasure Of Leisure
8 The Return Of Rat Phink
9 Progress Is Progression
10 A Killer In The Family