Music With No Name Vol.4

Global Africa - Genres are so yesterday!

album remixed by:  Monde Mkhizwana

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The forth element of Melt2000 is an album that has combined internationally known powerful mystical voices and instrument players who are South African based musicians such as Busi Mhlongo, Madosini, Mabi Thobejane, Thabang Tabane and guitarist Madala Kunene while fusing them with a younger generation of singers such as Kwani Experience band members bass guitarist Lesiba Magongwa, lyricist Kwelagobe Sekele and vocalist Bafana Nhlapho.

The birth of this sound came after nine months of young producer and composer Monde Mkhizwana's anticipated work which was produced in his own home studio in Pimville in Soweto, South Africa, where the great mind played with music provided by Melt2000 owner Robert Trunz, giving birth to the title Music with No Name Vol.4 Global Africa: Genres are so yesterday.
The vast fusion of the young voices of Bafana Nhlapho and the tender yet antique voices of the likes of SA legendary singer Busi Mhlongo, bring about the meaning to the title that bases the sound to no niche or market, yet plays with the sounds that could be given title by the listener. Not far from the quality of sound and the overall repertoire, which has become the brands pride since its first project in 1995, this album is sticking to the times just like its three predecessors.

Not only is this project reflecting the fusion of old sound with the new generations sound, but Mkhizwana's play with sound, has composed the 11 track project with different styles of music namely dance hall, drum & bass, deep house, trance and a new genre in music called Galactic soul.
The first single entitled Uyeph'unembeza sampled from Busi Mhlongo's Ehlisani Umoya a hit single from her second album Urban Zulu is a fusion of dance hall, beat boxing and an escalation into drum & bass as the song progresses.
In the song Hypno-matshawe a showcase of a new style of music called Galactic soul can be heard in the sound that creates a sense of science fiction meeting traditional African culture featuring Madosini and the soothing voice of talented young artist Nhlapho touching issues on togetherness, respect and the importance of culture in societies.

The album progresses from a relaxed to a rather trance mood yet an energetic dance music session incorporating house music featuring Mabi Thobejane's "Boonga"," Ithemba", sampled from Busi Mhlongo and a drum & bass offering titled "When talk becomes drum & bass" taken from Andrew Missingham's "When talk becomes a mantra.
Listeners can base the sound to what they feel and how they see music if they are true fans of trance and hypnotic music.

Track Listing: (30 second Samples)

  1. Vukani Mzansi with Madosini
  2. Uyeph'unembeza with Busi Mhlongo
  3. Isiqomqomane with Madala Kunene
  4. Izililo with Mabi Thobejane & Thabang Tabane
  5. Hypno-Matshawe with Madosini feat. Bafana on vocals
  6. Tsonga with Mabi Thobejane
  7. When talk becomes drum and bass from the album Square Window with Andrew Missingham and Chris Bowden - vocals by Nomvula Malinga
  8. House of Boonga with Mabi Thobejane
  9. Window Frames with Andrew Missingham & Chris Bowden from Square Window
  10. Gone Forever with Madosini
  11. Ithemba with samples from the Kalahari Surfers album feat Busi Mhlongo
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