Dan Mampone and Mabi Thobejane - Melodi
Vocal Male / Female


This long awaited collaboration is finally here. Its the beat that unites us, the rhythem from the past generation to our future. Words of love and wisdom that will echo forever in our minds. To restore our human race's dignity "Mayibuye" sons and daughters of our land.

Notes by Dan Mampone

What a mortal man you are so mindful of that you have entrusted him with your lightness to translate the vision to reality. May all the glory, power and honour be given unto your Almighty God. Thanks to my family (my wife Dorah) and three beautiful kids (Sizo, Kabelo and Rorisang) for being there for me at all times and being understanding. Thumbs up to my co-artist, my father Mr. Gabriel Mabi Thobejane, we shared every moment if this album together Joy and Sadness. It is such a wonderful thing to learn and work together. To all musicians I worked with, if it was’nt your support I will still be hanged up unable to finish now. I wish you all success to your individual projects you’re working on. Peter, you’re not just a friend, you’re simply the best with you’re golden voices that smoothes my creativity. Robert Trunz, you can spot a talent from Far, I simply cannot doubt your ear to music which polished me and the album to be where it is today. 

Tswana Poem

Mokelekele wa mokhise yo A reng lona le bo mang Le tsositseng sekgwa lenyaonyao Keletsi ya Matswere Motho wa bo Mampone Wa gore mponne ruri Ke madi ke matlalatlala naga E re ke ya taemaneng Ga ke itse ke tla boa

Photos & Montage by Lianne Cox - cover art by Jon Kemp  

Track Listing: ( 30 Second Samples )

  1. Ke go rata bobe
  2. Relax baba
  3. Kae kae
  4. Re a go boka
  5. Mmabanyanna Pt1
  6. Ragga da
  7. Bodeng
  8. Ayelele
  9. My destiny
  10. A re yeng
  11. You raise me up
  12. Mmabanyanna Pt2