Gabriel Le Mar - JUMP CUTS

Gabriel Le Mar draws inspiration from many sources. But african funk and african musical traditions and culture influenced him in many ways.

On JUMP CUTS Gabriel Le Mar cooperates again with singers and songwriters from South-Africa, after having worked in the past with the band Amampondo.

A true co-work from soul-dub-brother Gabriel Le Mar, fusing tech house and dub influences with the local style of south african music like Kwaito, Maskanda and traditional Zulu music into modern club sound. Read review in CHAIN D.L.K.

The queen of modern Zulu music, legendary Busi Mhlongo with her distinctive voice, is chanting on this album. Busi sadly passed away in June this year. "Her love for music kept the flames of hope alive during the country’s struggle for democracy." "A true legend has passed away. Her music encouraged and influenced a range of contemporary South African artists. She inspired the nation and let the world know of South Africa’s quest for freedom,” President Zuma said.

Gabriel also co-opted with Lungiswa Plaatjies, Madala Kunene and Mantombe Matotiyani from Amampondo, one of Nelson Mandela`s favourite bands.

The result is a fusion of ideas that became evident through the characteristic expression of these artists, whose vocal performances oscillate between traditional to contemporary, and that are merged in the techhouse mix with a soul and dub feel.   "It is all about combining these styles, the physical energy of organic dancefloor sounds with hypnotic afro-rhythms and the vocal-power. It`s about pushing the musical styles and finding ways to intensify our tracks both emotionally and meaningwise. I worked with big respect for the ideas of the artists on one hand, and on the other side I focused on creating music for body and soul."

Track Listing

1. above so below (feat. Busi Mhlongo)
2. colors (feat. Busi Mhlongo)
3. drift – (feat. Mantombe Matotiyani)
4. Lab Africa - feat. L.A.P.
5. why don´t U
6. critical caution - feat. Busi Mhlongo
7. goat song - feat. Lungiswa Plaatjies
8. Konkomania - feat. Madala Kunene
9. Lab Africa (dub) - feat. L.A.P.

mastered by Pascal FEOS and Chris Lewis


above so below feat. Busi Mhlongo
colors feat. Busi Mhlongo