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Busi Mhlongo - Urban Zulu
Vocal Male / Female


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Busi Mhlongo  (1947 - 2010)  Urban Zulu



When we first started working on these awesome songs penned by Themba, Spectre and Busi, the style was recognisably traditional maskanda. Over the months of work, the maskanda in this album metamorphosed, deepened, widened and finally has come to represent the contemporary Zulu Nation's truest form of expression, with all the agony, the ecstacy, the pain and sorrow, the trials and ironies of life in the modern South Afrika.

This is the first time maskanda has been expressed by a Zulu woman, and who better than Busi, one of the great voices of Afrika. A truly astonishing performer on the stage and in the studio, her original creativity as expressed here represents a quantum leap in South Afrikan music. This is maskanda for the millennium. Listen and be humbled.  Will Mowat (Producer)  Almost alone among contemporary South African musicians, her songs tell us of the struggle for existence, the destruction of traditional culture and the need to 're-invent' tradition in the context of the new situation. In "Urban Zulu", Busi has succeeded in melding traditional Zulu music into a new one that informs us both of its roots and of the concerns of contemporary South African women. Based on a traditional Zulu musical form, Maskando, "Urban Zulu" is revolutionary on two levels, firstly it's being sung by a woman and secondly, it extends the traditional into the contemporary without losing anything of its roots.

"Urban Zulu", Busi's second album is an perfect example of the contradictions inherent in our situation as the irony of Busi Mahlongo's music is that she is more 'popular' in Europe than she is in South Africa. The economics of music dictate that she spends a lot of time abroad as there simply isn't the market for her work here. Busi recently performed here in Joberg at the Arts Alive Festival in a rare performance that had the crowd ecstatic, this writer included. More's the pity that we don't get to see her more often.

If you want to hear the cutting edge of contemporary South African music then this a must buy album.

(William Bowles)


Busi Mhlongo - Urban Zulu Remixes
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Busi Mhlongo

1947 - 2010





Urban Zulu Remixes (MZA019)

The first album of remixes appeared soon after the release of Urban Zulu and is more Kwaito (South African house music of the 90's) orientated. Tracks from Busi Mhlongo's debut MELT album 'Urbanzulu' remixed and produced by some of the most exciting names in South African music as well as one of London's top house DJ's. Check the Soul II Black remixes !



Tracks 1 & 3 - Oxamu The ibomvu Dance RemixTracks 2, 4 & 9 - Yehlisan'umoya ma-Afrika

Soul II Black Remixes Track 5 - Oxamu The London Mix Mario Cee
Track 6 - Yehlisan'umoya ma-Afrika
The Kalahari Surfers Rock Remix Track 7 - Uganga Nge Ngane (Bonus Track)
Track 8 - Yehlisan'umoya ma-Afrika (Album Version)
All photographs of Busi Mhlongo in traditional dress by Rashid Lomabard All tracks published by MELT2000 Publishing Ltd. except for tracks 1 & 3 arrangements by Gabi LeRoux published by MELT 2000 and Kaleidosound MPS Administered by EMI MUSIC Publishing SA


Busi Mhlongo - Yehlisan'umoya Azania (in the mix)
Southern Africa

altBusi Mhlongo      

1947 - 2010 

Yehlisan'umoya Azania (in the mix)

We miss you Mam Busi

MZA 050



A singer, dancer, and composer whose music defies categorisation, Ma Mhlongo, as Rudeboy Paul fondly refers to her, draws on various South African styles, such as Maskanda, Mbaqanga, Marabi and traditional Zulu songs. Born in Kwa Zulu, Natal, Busi Mhlongo grew up with a song on her lips. Her debut maskanda album for M.E.L.T.2000 in 1998 called Urban Zulu brought her international fame.   

Track Listing

  1. Webaba (Black Coffee & Culoe de Song remix)
  2. Uyeph'unembeza (Hip hop, dub mix by Monde Mkhizwana)
  3. Izizwe (Black Coffee & Busi Mhlongo)
  4. Baba We (Deep) (Frederic Galliano)
  5. Crocodiles (Soothsayers (UK) & Busi Mhlongo)
  6. Father of my children (Castro B with Busi Mhlongo)
  7. Hlisani Umova (Featuring DJ Zee & Busi Mhlongo)
  8. Webaba (Culoe de Song remix)
  9. Yintoni Na (Black Coffee & Busi Mhlongo
  10. Lua Lua (DJ Qness Zulu Warrior mix)
  11. Sibuza Indlela (Rudeboy Paul & the Legendary Busi Mhlongo)
  12. What is she saying to me? (Kalahari Surfers & Greg Hunter Featuring Busi Mhlongo)
Busi Mhlongo We Baba Omncane (in the Mix)

altBusi Mhlongo We Baba Omncane (in the Mix) 1947 -2010

"Ranked alongside Miriam Makeba, Letta Mbulu and The Mahotella Queens, ‘Mam’ Busi Mhlongo was the first female artist to spread the Maskanda vocal style internationally. South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma, lamented her passing and declared her “a true legend”. Just as the hopes of the South African people are dashed on the football pitch the nation has also been deprived of one its greatest voices. On 15 June 2010, at the age of 62, the ‘Urban Zulu’ – Busi Mhlongo - finally lost her battle against breast cancer. "    (Paul Bradshaw / Straight No Chaser) This is a remix tribute by the new generation of South African Hosue producers featuring contribution by the new cream of South African house producers like Blaq Soul, Nkokhi, Infinite Boys, Funk Daddy, Top Shayela, Sumthyn Black and European masters Rocco and Gabriel Le Mar.




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Castro B self thought musician and DJ was born in East Rand, Johannesburg. He introduced himself to music by making his own tin guitar at the age of 6 copying the tunes the elders in his township played in the streets. The strong influence of traditional music grew on him and carried well into the 90Ùs. In 1995 Catro B got his first PC making his own tracks in his bedroom studio playing and testing them out at parties in the hood.


Changuito - Syncopation
Drums & Percussion


Syncopation (BW2095)

Percussion maestro and former timbal player with Los Van Van, Changuito(Jose Luis Quintana) is best known for his groundbreaking work with the legendary Cuban band. As one of the world's leading multi-percussionists, Changuito expanded the vocabulary of Latin rhythms with his seminal Songo grooves, and has taught some of the finest conga players of today including Giovanni Hidalgo. Changuito released a series of educational videos which have become a must for any up and coming percussionist playing Cuban music - for more info see: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/p/JoseLuisQuintana-1066973/

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