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Amampondo - Electric Pondoland
Drums & Percussion



Amampondo means people of mpondo from the Transkei of South Africa.

This is one of 3 albums released at the same time celebrating the 25th Anniversary of South Africa's most highly regarded percussion and marimba band who have toured the globe for a quarter of a century. Electric Pondoland features Amampondo's many collaboration with international dance and Electronica groups mainly Juno Reactor who are well known for their Hollywood film music for blockbuster films like MATRIX, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO and MORTAL COMBAT.

Anesthesia - P.V.C
Techno / Trance



Warning - this is psychedelic techno, and high quality psy' techno at that. To be honest it has the feeling of techno made by tranceheads who understand what it takes to make a very special headspace, "Global" has its super-intelligent moves and breaks. Following tracks turn slinky and then funky, and then really funky, culminating in "Nutella Toasted" - what a stormer, what variety, what trance soul in teckno clothing.

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Blaq Soul Awukhu Muzi

Blaq Soul - Awukhu Muzi

"I’m African, I’m Blaq and everything I am is Blaq, even my music is a symbol, it’s deep and African”

The 2010 debut album of this fine young and fast rising star producer and DJ of South African deep house features a number of remixes by Blaq Soul's heroine - the late Busi Mhlongo.

Also featuring are Lungiswa, Sipho Gumede and Madala Kunene. 

We like to acknowledge the help and guidance of Petro Stathoussis and AfrodesiaMp3 on tis project. Blaq Soul's work can be downloaded from AfrodesiaMP3


Busi Mhlongo 'Afro Melt Volumes - The Talented Ones'

Busi Mhlongo 'Afro Melt Volumes - The Talented Ones'

AfrodesiaMP3 & Electric Melt joined forces to bring you a series that will leave you astounded at the musical talent Africa possesses. Afro Melt Volumes combines the most prolific artist from the Melt catalogue with established and up and coming producers to breathe new life into classic material, remixing them into the various dance genres that are breaking the barriers in the world today.


Busi Mhlongo - Indiza (Voyage)
Vocal Male / Female


alt iTunes


The sound journey of Indiza Busi Mhlongo's story has been told be many journalists and in order not to repeat ourselves again we opted to give an account of Busi's voyage with MELT, the UK label that helped expose her talent to a world wide audience. Busi's first encounter with MELT started in 1995 when Madala Kunene introduced her to the label during the recording of his highly acclaimed album Kon'Ko Man.

Busi Mhlongo - Urban Zulu
Vocal Male / Female


Urban Zulu (BW2118)

When we first started working on these awesome songs penned by Themba, Spectre and Busi, the style was recognisably traditional maskanda. Over the months of work, the maskanda in this album metamorphosed, deepened, widened and finally has come to represent the contemporary Zulu Nation's truest form of expression, with all the agony, the ecstacy, the pain and sorrow, the trials and ironies of life in the modern South Afrika.
This is the first time maskanda has been expressed by a Zulu woman, and who better than Busi, one of the great voices of Afrika. A truly astonishing performer on the stage and in the studio, her original creativity as expressed here represents a quantum leap in South Afrikan music. This is maskanda for the millennium. Listen and be humbled.
Will Mowat
Adidas have since used We Baba Omncane as the song for their football campaign.


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